About Shop at Penn

Shop at Penn offers a unique way to bring the many cultural resources and offerings of the University of Pennsylvania to you, no matter how far from campus you may be. On the Shop at Penn site, you will find exclusive items and hand-crafted reproductions from the Museum of Anthropology and Archeology, tickets for performances at the Annenberg Center, unique objects d'art from the Institute of Contemporary Art, great literature and scholarly publications from Penn Press, and of course, a fabulous selection of Penn merchandise from our Bookstore.

In the future this site will evolve into a one-stop shopping experience, with distinctive University of Pennsylvania insignia merchandise, tickets to athletic events, and more—all of which may be added to your Penn shopping cart.

Shop at Penn has been developed for friends, affiliates, and admirers of the University of Pennsylvania. As with all of our efforts, maintaining a high standard of service is important to us. Please send us your feedback and ideas, including suggestions regarding new products and services that you would like to see offered on our site.

Enjoy Shop at Penn!
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